Garlic Clove Separating Machine Introduction

Garlic clove separating machine is used to separate garlic bulbs into cloves. The working principle of the garlic cracker machine is using high standard rubber rollers to break the garlic bulb. The roller has the performance of high flexibility, antifriction and stretch-proof. The roller gap can be adjusted to separate different sizes of garlic bulbs automatically. Garlic bulb breaker machine is made of stainless steel which makes sure the high quality.garlic clove separating machine

Garlic Bulb Breaker Machine Advantages

★ High separating efficiency, The peeling rate of the garlic breaking machine can be up to 98%, no damage.
★ Built-in fan device. The garlic skin, garlic clove, and garlic perch can be separated automatically.
★ Easy operation, one person can be used alone, low energy consumption.
★ Adjustable. You can adjust the space between roller on your option.garlic bulb breaker machine

Garlic Clove Separator Technical Parameters

Model SFB400 SFB800
Power 0.75 kW/380V 2.2 kW/380V
Weight 100 kg 280 kg
Dimension 690*710*1050 mm 985*835*1420 mm
Output 400 kg/h 800 kg/h

garlic breaking machineGarlic Use in Daily Life

★ Culinary Uses. Garlic is widely used around the world for its pungent flavor as a seasoning or condiment.
★ Medicinal use and health benefits. Garlic is believed by many to have some medicinal value. It also contains allicin, ajoene, enzymes, vitamin B, minerals, and flavonoids.
According to so many uses, garlic is accepted by more and more people. So the prospect garlic market is very good. Our high-quality garlic processing machine is worth investment.

Video Show of Garlic Clove Breaking Machine