Garlic Grinder Machine Introduction

Garlic grinder machine is used to cut the garlic clove, ginger, onion, chili, potato, and other vegetables and fruits into the paste or small pieces. The garlic paste maker is easy to operate, high output, made of stainless steel. The thickness of the paste can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements. Ginger garlic paste machine a good choice of flavoring plants and processing plants because the amount of knives is freely used.garlic grinder machine

Ginger Garlic Paste Machine Application

Garlic paste machine is used for grinding garlic, ginger, onion, chili, potato, yam, tomato, spinach, lotus root, etc. The garlic crusher machine is an essential equipment for deep processing of vegetables and fruits and widely used in restaurant, flavoring plants, food factory, food processing plants.various paste made by ginger garlic paste machine

Garlic Paste Maker Advantages

☆Good structure, small volume.
☆Time and electricity saving, high production output.
☆Easy to use and maintain a low fault rate.
☆Full stainless steel, hygiene, healthy.garlic paste machine working principle

Tips on Using Garlic Crusher Machine

1. Before grinding, you should first cut your materials into less than 20 mm size.
2. When grinding, you should keep no sand and husk into the machine because this will hurt the machine.

Garlic Grinder Machine Technical Data

Model ALGG-200 ALGG-800
Capacity 200 kg/h 800 kg/h
Voltage 220V 1 Phase 220V 1 Phase/380V 3 Phase
Motor 3 hp 1 hp
Dimension 560*300*700 mm 800*380*1000 mm

Video of Garlic Paste Making Machine