Garlic Peeling Machine Introduction

Our garlic peeling machine is designed to peel dry garlic. Adopting pneumatic principle, this electric garlic peeler can peel the shell of the garlic clove automatically without soaking, and there is no damage to the garlic at all. The peeling rate of the garlic skin remover can reach 98%.garlic peeling machine for sale

Electric Garlic Peeler Working Principle

♧ This type of garlic cover remover machine adopts the pneumatic principle, thus during the whole process, there is no need of water, just using the compressed air current to peel the garlic shell.
♧ After feeding the garlic clove into the hopper of the automatic garlic peeler, the garlic clove will be automatically peeled.
♧ The process of peeling and discharging is totally automatic. There is no damage for the garlic, so the garlic can be stored for a long time.
♧ In order to get a high peeling rate, you’d better make sure the shell of the garlic is dry.electric garlic peeler machine

Garlic Skin Remover Features

☆ Pneumatic peeling principle, no water, no damage, and no pollution.
☆ Low energy consumption and practical, finishing the drying and peeling process at one time
☆ Automatic temperature control and auto-conducting device.
☆ High peeling rate of 98%.
☆ Suitable for complete production line or working on single.
☆ Made of stainless steel which makes sure the high quality.

Garlic Peeling Machine Parameters

Capacity 100-150 kg/h 250-300 kg/h 500-600 kg/h
Air flow rate 1.05 m3/min 1.60 m3/min 3.2 m3/min
Airflow power 7.5 kW/380V/50Hz 11 kW/380V/50Hz 22 kW/380V/50Hz
Air flow pressure 0.8-0.9MPa 0.8-0.9MPa 0.8-0.9MPa
Machine power 0.2 kW 0.2 kW 0.2 kW
Peeling rate 95-98% 95-98% 95-98%
Dimension 640*660*1370 mm 740*740*1685 mm 1040*910*1750 mm
Weight 70 kg 110 kg 160 kg

Garlic Peeling Machine Working Video