Garlic Grading Machine Introduction

Garlic grading machine is used for grading garlic cloves and other fruits and vegetables automatically, such as cherry, tomato, date, sugar orange, persimmon, mango, pear, peach, lemon, guava, kiwi fruit, etc. The garlic sorting machine is improved and perfected according to long-term fruit sorting experience, feedback, and suggestions of customers. So that it’s very practical and economical.

garlic grading machine garlic sorting machine

garlic gradingGarlic Sorting Machine Features

☆ PLC intelligent control, simple operation, high efficiency, accurate sorting.
☆ Good quality, low failure rate, long life. The main components are using well-known brand stainless steel and with perfect surface, firm and durable structure.
☆ Using imported high elastic material machine surface, ensuring that the fruit will not be damaged in the process of high-speed weighing.
☆ The cherry tomato grading machine is convenient to move, suitable for small-scale work.
☆ Working alone or with fruit processing device.

Cherry Tomato Sorting Machine Working Process

1. The fruit and vegetable can tumble freely on the roller by the rotation and revolution designing.
2. Special motor shield and oil collecting plate and floor type oil guide pipe designing can guarantee the sanitary of the fruit and increase the water-proof effect of the motor.
3. The flotsam can be conveyed by the waste material conveyor belt and then go into the receiving tank.garlic sorting equipment

Garlic Grading Machine Technical Specifications

Model ALFG-500
Power 0.55 kW/220V
Capacity 300-500 p/h
Classifying grades 4
Dimension 2710*950*900 mm