Commercial Vegetable Cutter Introduction

Commercial vegetable cutter is mainly used to process ball, root and stem vegetables into slices, shreds, strips, and cubes. It is widely adopted in restaurants, super-markets, small-size processing plants for vegetables processing.

commercial vegetable cutter automatic vegetable cutter applications

Automatic Vegetable Cutter Features

◇ Multifarious cutters, can process vegetables into slices, shreds, strips, and cubes.
◇ Protective cover on the feed-box, reduce safety loophole during operation.
◇ Blade working-speed is under frequency control.
◇ Reasonable design ensures vegetables freshness after cutting.
◇ Easy to operate and maintain.
◇ Compact structure and elegant appearance.

commerical vegetable slicer structure commercial vegetable cutter blades

How to Operate Commercial Vegetable Slicer?

◆ Rotate the bolt and open the cover, firstly install the plastic tray, then fix the cutter chosen.
◆ Uplift the knob, place materials from the feeding-hole, then put down the knob, start the machine, and gently press the knob down until the machine finishes cutting.
◆ The round feeding-hole is for carrots, cucumbers, etc. these long and thin materials.
◆ Press materials into the feed-box with plastic pestle, not with hands.
◆ Anticlockwise revolve the cutter, wrap the cutter edge with rubber, cloth, etc. and detach it.

automatic vegetable slicer

Commercial Vegetable Cutter Parameters

Model ALVC-300
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 550 W
Rotation 1400 r/min
Blade rotation 270 r/min
Dimension 560*290*560 mm
Weight 22 kg/26 kg
Capacity 200 kg/h

Video Show of Commercial Vegetable Cutting Machine