Vegetable Blanching Machine Presentation

Vegetable blanching machine is suitable for various kinds of vegetables, fruits, and meat blanching and enzyme deactivating. It is the indispensable equipment for quick-freezing, dewatering, peeling and other further processing and pretreatment. The vegetable blanching equipment is the potato blanching machine used in the automatic potato chips line and also can be used as the almond blanching machine for almond processing.vegetable blanching machine

Vegetable Blanching Equipment Features

☆ Self-controlled temperature, free to set, easy to operate.
☆ Multifarious heating methods (by steam, electricity, heat-conducting oil furnace, etc.)
☆ Stainless steel body conforms to food hygienic standard.
☆ Stable performance, high efficiency, low noise.vegetable blanching equipment

How to Maintain Potato Blanching Machine

1. Daily maintenance system: check if the power source and the machine body are in good condition (pre-operation, in-service, after-service)
2. Regular maintenance and inspection system: check if the machine components and performance work well
3. Timely restoration system: replace and upgrade the inoperative and obsolete spare part

Why Food Needs Blanching

☆ Partially cook produces in order to destroy enzymes
☆ Improve produces texture, flavor, and color without fully cooking it
☆ Loosen the skin
☆ Make produces stored well

Vegetable Blanching Machine Specification

Model Voltage Dimension
LPT5000 75 kW/380V 5000*920*1580 mm
LPT6000 90 kW/380V 6000*920*1580 mm
LPT7000 105 kW/380V 7000*920*1580 mm

Woking Video of Potato Blanching Machine