Vegetable Dicer Machine-Chef’s Knife

Vegetable dicer machine has been considered as a necessity by kitchen staff as it can replace manual labor for cutting and dicing vegetables in large quantity, high quality and uniform consistency, so if you are running a restaurant, dehydrated vegetable plant, frozen fresh vegetables processing plant or pickled vegetables plant to offer customers uniform and large amount diced vegetables, please think about this electric vegetable dicer machine.Industrial fruit vegetable cube cutter

Commercial Vegetable Dicer Applications

Cube and cuboid vegetable dices are both available to this commercial vegetable dicer machine. This vegetable cube cutting machine is widely applied to dice root & stem vegetables like carrot, sweet potato, onion, green and red chili, cucumber and ginger, etc.commercial vegetable dicer applications

Electric Vegetable Dicer Working Principle

The disc inside the vegetable cuber machine drives vegetables rotating at high speed and it is the centrifugal force that brings vegetables to knives position for slicing, then the slices go through the round thread cutter for vegetable strips and at last to the cross dicing edge for the cube or cuboid vegetable dices.electric vegetable dicer

Vegetable Cuber Machine Features

☆ Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy or stainless steel, hygiene and artistic.
☆ Composed of compound knives, can produce uniform and smooth dices.
☆ Advanced design, easy operation, and high efficiency.
☆ Energy saving, favored by many customers.

Vegetable Dicer Machine Parameter

Model ALVD-1000
Capacity 1000 kg/h
Voltage 380V
Power 0.75 kW
Dimension 560*600*1040 mm
Weight 100 kg

Vegetable Dicer Machine Working Video