Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Machine Introduction

This fruit and vegetable cleaner machine adopts screw blade to push the root vegetables or fruits for washing and peeling by the brush. The vegetable cleaning machine is mainly composed of motor, speed changer and brush.  It is definitely a nice investment choice for those food processing plant, snack processing industry or even large restaurant.fruit and vegetable cleaner machine

Screw Type Vegetable Cleaning Machine Features

☆ High automatic,wash and peel simultaneously, save labor and force.
☆ Multi-functional, process vegetables and fruits like ginger, carrot, sweet potato, potato and kiwi, etc.
☆ Large processing capacity, high efficiency but energy conservation.
☆ Stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, hygiene.
☆ Durable, good wear-resistance.
☆ Can work either independently or matched with vegetable processing plant.vegetable cleaning machine

Two Reasons to Choose Our Root Vegetable Washer

◇ Different from the common-designed vegetable brush washer, our screw type vegetable cleaning machine offers larger washing and peeling space.
◇ You will not be afraid of damaging the brush because the screw structure is strong and powerful enough to wash the muddy root vegetables.

Screw Type Vegetable Cleaning Machine Parameters

Model ALQT-2500
Power 4.55 kW/380V
Capacity 2500-3000 kg/h
Weight 700 kg
Dimension 3050*1200*1800 mm

Working Video of Spiral Fruit Vegetable Peeling Washing Machine