Plate Pressure Oil Filter Instruction

The plate pressure oil filter is mainly designed to separate the tiny impurities and moisture from oil, thus can improve the oil quality and economic value. It can be used with the oil press. It’s characterized by simple structure, easy operation, and low cost etc.plate frame oil filter machine

Plate Pressure Oil Filter Features

◆Reasonable design, attractive appearance, compact structure, easy and convenient operation.
◆The pressure, temperature and liquid level have clear data indication and automatic control device, safe and reliable.
◆The filter is with high filtration speed and the filtered oil is of high quality — no froth, less oily fume, and no sediment.

Plate Pressure Oil Filter Feature

Plate Pressure Oil Filter Structure

The plate pressure oil filter is composed of a filter bed, oil pump and primary filter etc. There is filter cloth between the filter plate and filter frame as a filter medium. The filter plate and filter frame can form a single filter chamber rely on the pressure of depress device. The filter paper or filter cloth which compressed by the filter plate and filter frame can separate the oil and residue of the crude oil.Plate Pressure Oil Filter structure introduction

Plate Oil Filter Operation Working Principle

1. Press the hole-punched filter papers between each filter plate and filter frame before the operation. Each layer places one or two filter papers according to the filter requirement and filter paper quality.
2. The filter paper should be dried before using with drying temperature around 120℃.
3. If use the used filter paper, the paper should be stoved. The side with residues should face the filter frame to avoid the residues flowing into the filtered oil.
4. If the filter pressure is higher and the filter paper is broken, you can place filter cloth close to the filter plate side to increase the filtration strength.

Plate Pressure Oil Filter Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Power Weight Dimension(mm)
6LB-250 100Kg/h 0.75 Kw 170Kg 900*550*770
6LB-350 200Kg/h 1.1Kw 500Kg 1250*700*910
6LB-355 300-400Kg/h 1.5Kw 700Kg 1550*750*990

Working Video of Plate Oil Filtering Machine