Introduction of Churros Making Machine

Churros forming machineChurros making machine is composed of churros forming machine, churros filling machine and churros gas fryer and they are all necessary to make delicious churros. Every one has its own special function. We can connect them to make churros step by step.
♣ Churros making machine series are operated by manual. This model churros machine is just a kind of churros modeling machine, so we suggest to use with an electric/gas fryer. Adopting stainless steel as the material makes them look elegant, luxury and fashion. It can not only make the delicious churros but also can be displayed as an art exhibit.

Churros gas fryer♣ Churros gas fryer can be used to fry food, we introduce it here mainly for your choice to match our churros making the machine. Of course, you can buy it separately. We can supply this kind of fryer which can be heated by gas or electricity, as you require.

Stainless Steel Churro Filler Maker Machine♣ Churros filling machine is a small type for filling the jam, cream or chocolate into the churros, which make the fresh yellow churros becomes more palatable.
All these three churros making machine are made of stainless steel, easy to use and have high qualities.

Features of Churros Making Machine

☺ Made of high-quality stainless steel, meeting the food standard and healthy.
☺ Elegant appearance, looking elegant, luxury and fashion.
☺ These machines are small volume and lightweight. It can not only make the delicious churros but also can be displayed as an art exhibit.
☺ In the process of making churro, you can change the churros’ shape and length at will.
☺ Simple structure, easy to operate and clean.

Features of Churros Making Machine

Application of Churros Making Machine

Churros making machines can be used in the home, small restaurant, coffee bar, drinking bar, theater, and even mobile food cart or in the mall, because it has advantages of small size, easy operate, good shape and beautiful.Something about Churros

Technical Parameters of Churros Making Machine

Name Model Power(kW) Voltage(V) Net weight(kg) Size(mm) Material
Churros forming machine ALCM-5L Manual operation
(suggest to use with a fryer)
17 300*260*690 stainless steel
ALCM-7L 18 300*260*800
ALCM-10L 20 420*330*650
ALCM-12L 21 780*420*330
Churros fryer ALEF 2.5 220V/50hz 10 265*425*280
Churros filling machine ALCF manual operation / 190*190*300

Something about Churros

Churro is strip pasta originated from Spain, which is the most characteristic of Spain snacks, often taste with the hot chocolate as well as the ice-cream, jam, full of charm and fragrance. It is also popular in France, Portugal, the United States, Caribbean, Latin America and so on. Generally speaking, Spanish churro is made of dough by flour as well as potato flour. Dough extrudes out through a lace tube to make the dough with the pattern, and then put it in the fryer. Then sprinkle some sugar or the cinnamon powder on the fried churros, the delicious dessert come into being.