Automatic Chicken Eggs Peeling Machine DescriptionAutomatic Chicken Eggs Peeling Machine Description

Chicken eggs peeling machine is a special machine for peeling boiled chicken eggs automatically and cleanly. It can shell eggs in high efficiency and without much breakage. It is the best choice for making boiled eggs, spiced eggs, etc.

Characteristics of Chicken Eggs Peeling Machine

☆Compact structure can quickly strip eggshell, high efficiency.
☆Using a special roller, low breakage rate.
☆Made of food grade stainless steel, safe and healthy, durable use.
☆Feeding and discharging automatically labor cost saving.
☆Convenient to move, easy to clean, covering a small area.

Characteristic of Chicken Eggs Peeling Machine Application of Chicken Eggs Peeling Machine

Application of Chicken Eggs Peeling Machine

Chicken eggs peeling machine is widely used in egg wholesale food factory, hotel, fast food shop, egg processing factory, airline catering supplier. This machine can save labor and time, increase the productivity of eggshell peeling.

Technical Parameters of Chicken Eggs Peeling Machine

Capacity 8000-10000eggs/h 8000-12000eggs/h
Material SUS304 SUS304
Power 0.6kw 0.6kw
Dimension 2700*900*1500mm 2100*1250*950mm

Tips for Eating Eggs

tips for eating eggs

Eggs contain rich and full nutrition, it is the “ideal nutrition library” for the human. But how to eat eggs most scientifically? Here are some tips.
1. People should eat boiled and steamed eggs more than fried eggs. Because fried eggs although delicious, but more difficult to digest.
2. For osteoporosis people, the salted egg contains more calcium is their best choice.
3. Each person should eat 1 ~ 2 eggs, not only good for digestion, absorption, and can meet the needs of the body.

Working Video of Automatic Chicken Egg Peeling Machine