Automatic Dumpling Making Machine Introduction

Our automatic dumpling machine can be used to make not only dumplings but also samosa by customization. As more and more people tend to accept the various flavors and adequate nutrients offered by dumplings, dumpling machine is definitely sought after in many restaurants and canteens. 

commercial dumpling machine

Commercial dumpling machine

automatic samosa making machine

Tailored machine for making samosa

How Does a Dumpling Machine Work

The automatic means that you need no manual working but put the stuff and kneaded dough into two different feeders. Start the stuff feeding switch and adjust the amount. Then the plump dumplings come out.

structure of automatic dumpling machine

Dumpling Machine Advantages

Multifunctional. You can get different food similar to dumplings such as spring roll, wonton, boiled dumpling, curry dumpling, and lace dumplings, etc.
Adjustable. The depth of the dumpling wrapper and the amount of stuffing can be adjustable.
Various cooking methods. The dumplings can be steamed, stewed, fried. Most importantly, the dumplings are suitable for quick freezing and storing.
Labor and time-saving. Simple operation, high speed and improve the economic benefit.
Stainless steel material, reasonable design. Hygiene.
Compact structure, easy to disassemble, install, and clean.

Specifications of Dumpling/ Samosa Making Machine

Model JZ-130
Material 201 Stainless Steel (can customize 304 SUS)
Power 620W; 220V,50Hz,1 phase
Capacity Dumpling: 1000-9000 pcs/h

Samosa: 6000 pcs/h

Samosa Size <8cm
Samosa Weight 40g
Dumpling Weight 8-25g (Customization)
Size 1200x750x900 mm
Weight 125 kg

Investment Advice on Dumpling Machine

★Customers can bring raw dumplings home after eating. Selling either cooked or raw dumplings is a distinctive business model and a better foundation for branch stores in the long run.
★Start a workshop at home. Set up several dumpling stands to sell fresh and assured dumplings.
★Open a dumpling processing and distribution center. Deliver new dumplings to restaurant, boite, breakfast stand, night market or school canteens.