Eggshell and Liquid Separating Machine Introduction

Eggshell and liquid separating machine is mainly used to separate the residue egg liquid from eggshell automatically after breaking. It can also be used to break the whole eggs and separate the egg liquid from the eggshell. Moreover, it can crush the eggshells. This machine is widely used in the egg processing field as assistant equipment. Except for this machine, we offer many other egg processing machines likewise such as egg breaking machine, eggshell grinding machine, egg washing machine, etc for your various options.

eggshell and egg liquid separator machine

Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine Application

It is widely used in factories related to egg liquid separation, such as eggs powder processing factories, eggs processing factories, cake factories, bakeries, western-style food restaurants, ice cream producing factories, etc.

egg liquid factory
cake factory
bakery factory

Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine Features

1. Made of stainless steel for greater durability and hygiene which ensures it meets all rules and standards for food processing.
2. It is specially designed for breaking eggs and automatically separating the eggshell and liquids with minimum product loss. Ideal for the factories that need to use full egg liquids.
3. Has a maximum capacity of 20000 eggs /hour and is easy to use when it’s plugged in.
4. Can be used offline, or paired with egg washers to build an egg processing line. We recommend using egg washing before egg breaking in order to meet food safety standards and ensure the final quality.

Eggshell & Liquid Separating Machine Technical Parameter

Model ALEB-4
Raw material Stainless steel
Capacity 20000eggs/hour
Power 5.5kw,50hz
Voltage 380v, 3 phase
Machine size 1.8*0.68*1.15m
Function Breaking, separating eggshell and liquid (yolk and egg white not separated)