Pizza Cone Machine Information

Pizza in a cone? Yes indeed. It is really a great leap for human beings to make tasty pizza in an ice cream shape. Pizza cone is getting more and more popular and will probably be the most globally acclaimed food. It is the newest way to prepare funny, personalized pizzas. Pizza cone machine is incredible pizza cone maker kit to make pizza cone. It is simple to use, nonstick. We offer not only pizza cone machine but also pizza conveyor oven.

Pizza Cone Equipments

Pizza Cone Machine Features

1. Durable to use, aluminum alloy materials for machine body, coated with a smooth non-stick surface for easy cleanup and perfect cones.
2. The fully automatic operation,labor-saving and easy to operate.
3. Matches with a temperature controller and calculagraph to set up and adjust the working temperature of the upper and the lower molds.
4. Adopting advanced structural design. The machine shell is made of steel plastic spraying, high quality, safe, elegant appearance.
5. With an emergency button to easily give warning when something goes wrong.
6. Large output.4 sets of molds to produce 4 pizzas per time, and can be used two molds separately.

Pizza Cone Equipment Advantages

Pizza Cone Machine Application

Pizza cone machine is suitable for small restaurant, western restaurant, coffee bar, even mobile food cart, supermarket, leisure snack shop, and other various places where large population passes by.

Pizza Cone Machine Application

Tired of Pizza Slices? Try Pizza Cone Machine

Pizza caters to folks of all ages almost all over the world. With the fact that huge consumer groups wish to enjoy affordable, wide varieties, first-class quality, and healthy nutrition western-style fast food every day, automatic pizza cone machine is quite necessary for the pizza industry. This small size pizza cone machine enriches the pizza’s element in a lovely ice-cream cone shape, filling full and do not need to wait for a long time. Even if one person can also enjoy delicious pizza. More importantly, the pizza cone machine is a small investment, quick return profits, it has a large consumer market, it is worth your investment.

What We Offer

To get authentic pizza cone, we are your wise choice since we will present you a light wave furnace as a gift. This light wave furnace is convenient to operate, heating quickly, healthy and environmentally friendly, and energy saving as well.

Rotating Pizza Oven Features

1. Stainless steel body, easy to clear.
2. Cook even and savory pizza.
3. Large capacity. Every batch keeps 10 pieces of pizza cone inside.
4. Adjustable temperature and rotation speed.

Pizza Cone Production Line

Main Machines of Pizza Cone Machine

Pizza Cone Machine Technical Parameters

Model ALPM-6.15
Voltage 220V/50HZ/2400W
Capacity 150-180pcs/h
Pizza cone size 150*60*4mm(height/diameters/thickness)
Net weight 65kg
Dimension 900*250*450 mm

Pizza Cone Making Machine Working Video