Egg Washing Machine Introduction

This type egg washing machine is used to clean eggs. It is made of green thick hard plastic, which is durable and never rusty. It uses a high-quality nylon brush to wash off the dirt on the surface of eggshell, the brush is lint-free and high wear resistance, the roller is watertight because the water seal was made in it. The machine uses a pure copper waterproof motor, the rotating speed is very fast.

Small type egg cleaning machine

Egg Washing Machine Features

1. Thick plastic as a cabinet, never corrode.
2. Built-in water seal, no leaking.
3. High-quality nylon brush, high wear resistance, lint-free, do not need replacing.
4. No eggs broke during washing.
5. High efficiency, wash clean, low electricity consumption, mini-type.

Egg Washing Machine Feature

Application of Egg Washing Machine

It can wash hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc. Egg washing machine is an ideal cleaning machine for egg factory and egg farm.

Application of Egg Washing Machine

Cleaning Chicken Eggs

If possible, dry clean your eggs. If your eggs look really messy, or if it has egg yolk stuck to it from another egg that broke, they might need something more than just dry cleaning.
☆Rinse the eggs in running water from the faucet, (without soap) just warmer than the egg.
☆Keep the eggs out of the main flow of water (do not immerse) or let them stand in water.
☆After washing the eggs, set them out on a towel to dry. Allow eggs to completely air dry before putting them in the carton and into the fridge.
cleaning eggs

Working video of Egg Washing Machine

Egg Washing Machine Technical Parameter

Model ALEW-1
Frequency 1400r/min
Voltage 220V
Power 550W
Size 1200*400*600mm
Capacity 3000pcs/h