Automatic Egg Washing Machine Introduction

This type of egg washing machine is our new style egg washing machine, it can wash hen eggs, duck eggs, and goose eggs efficiently and automatically. It saves water and power. It has a smaller volume and more convenient. It’s an ideal cleaning machine for egg factory and egg farm. The egg disinfection can remove the vast majority of pathogens attached to the outside of the eggshell, also can increase the hatching rate.

Automatic Egg Washing Machine Introduction

Automatic Egg Washing Machine Features

♡Low broken rate, high efficiency.
♡High efficiency, lower electricity consumption.
♡Water seal device, guarantee not to leak.
♡Machine parts had been reinforced, durable.
♡The machine is energy saving, smaller size, much more convenient.

Automatic Egg Washing Machine Feature

Automatic Egg Washing Machine Working Principle

The delivery system conveys the eggs into the disinfection part, brushes and disinfectants in the disinfection part clean and disinfects eggs shell automatically and efficiently

How to Test An Egg’s Freshness

1. To test an egg for freshness you can do an old trick with a glass of water. Gently place the egg in room temperature water at the bottom of the glass. If the egg stays on its side at the bottom of the glass, it is a good egg. If the egg floats up at all or floats on its nose, it is a bad egg.
2. You can also use a light behind the egg to see if there is any air inside…this is called candling.
3. Another way to tell if you have a good egg is to look at the white part of the egg after you crack it open. The whites of a fresh egg are nice and perky, it has a thicker consistency. White parts of bad eggs are flat, spread out and runny.

Automatic Egg Washing Machine Technical Parameters

Model ALEW-3
Frequency 1400r/min
Voltage 220V
Power 120W
Capacity 3600pcs/h
Size 700*400*500mm

Video Show of Automatic Egg Washing Machine