Pomegranate Peeling & Separating Machine Introduction

Automatic pomegranate peeling and separating machine is a kind of pre-treatment machine to peel pomegranate and separate pomegranate seeds. The peeling and separating process can ensure pomegranate integrity rate as high as 90%, thus it is necessary equipment for processing pomegranate for juice, drinks, and other relevant food.

Pomegranate peel removing machine

Pomegranate Peeling & Separating Machine Technical Parameter

Capacity 3500 kg/h
Diameter of Rotary Sieve 400 mm
Speed of Rotary Sieve 9.4 r/minute
Power 4.8 kW
Dimension 2105*886*1900 mm
Net weight 858 kg

Pomegranate Peeling & Separating Machine Structures

Pomegranate peeling and separating machine includes feed hopper, up breaking device, below-breaking device, rotating sieve, mixer shaft, screw pump, rack, and others. The material is stainless steel except for the driven parts. The mixer shaft is frequency control of motor speed.

How to Peel and Separate Pomegranates?

☞The pomegranates are put into the up breaking device through the feed hopper, the up breaking device presses the pomegranates, the space between two rollers is 20 mm.
☞The pomegranates go into the below-breaking device. The below-breaking device presses the pomegranate once again, the space between the two rollers is 10 mm. The peel is basically separated from the seed after two-stage extrusion.
☞Then the stuff will drop into the separating equipment. With the function of the mixer shaft, the seeds drop down from the sieve hole, the peels are discharged from the after. The up and below rollers are elasticity structure, space can be adjusted.
☞The pomegranate seed and smashed juice can be conveyed into the juicing machine by a screw pump.