Hand Sugarcane Juice Machine

Sugarcane juice is the juice extracted from pressed sugarcane. It is consumed as a beverage worldwide. For the quality extraction, a sugarcane juicer is necessary. Allance sugarcane juicer can also extract ginger juice which is good to balance physical conditioning. With the worldwide consume of sugarcane juice, the cane juice machine attracts more and more investor’s attention.

hand sugarcane juice machine

Hand Sugarcane Juicer Technical Data

Model ALSC-37
Capacity 50kg sugarcane/ 30kg ginger
Size 430*320*360mm
Net weight 37kg
 Rotating speed 25r/min
Packing size 500*380*400mm
Packing 1 unit/case

Hand Sugarcane Juicer Application

Sugarcane juicer is the NO.1 choice for a various convenient store like restaurants, hotels, karaoke, bars, fruit shops, cole drink shop, tea shop, stations or stops, supermarkets, healthy food stores and all food businesses that make fresh cane juice. The good tastes, take-away convenience and nutrient-rich all make it a good investment opportunity.

manual sugarcane juicer application and features

Sugarcane Juicer Features

☆Stainless steel material to create clean and authentic juice
☆Equipped with other devices like juice dispenser and ZSG-D according to specific demand.
☆Small room occupation, easy to move and clean, durable.
☆Different capacities for made-to-order service.

About Sugarcane

Natively planted in Australia, sugarcane is nowadays not the most Australia exclusive taste but expands its huge planting space throughout the world such as in India, Brazil, and South East Asia. You can eat sugarcane in different ways and extracting them for juice is one of the people’s favorites. There is quite a lot of sugar in sugarcane and it is just the unrefined sugar that makes it a welcome either as fruit or food diet material.

Video of Manual Sugarcane Juice Maker