Pineapple Peeling and Coring Machine Introduction

Pineapple peeling coring machine is the ideal machine for quick and precise peeling and coring of fresh pineapples. It can cooperate with pineapple cutter, pineapple dicer, and pineapple slicer etc. Suitable for family workshop, small-size plant, and medium-size plant. Also, it can be used in retail supermarket, hotel and fruit shop. The peeled and cored pineapples can be processed to pineapple juice, canned pineapple, and dried pineapple.

handy pineapple peeling coring machine

Pineapple Peeling and Coring Machine Technical Parameters

Model  ALPM-P
Capacity 360-600Pcs/h
Power 0.75Kw
 Dimension  1200*700*1300mm

Pineapple Peeling and Coring Machine Features

●Made of rust-proof stainless steel, easy to keep clean and sanitized.
●High peeling efficiency, save time.
●The machine covers little floor space.
●The pineapple peeler and corer is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
●The machine can finish peeling and coring automatically, save labor.

peeled and cored pineapple

Pineapple Peeling and Coring Machine Operation Process

1. Slice the top and bottom of pineapple by manual or pineapple cutter to create stability for the coring process.
2. Put the pineapple in front of the push rod of the pineapple peeling and coring machine.
3. The pineapple peeler and corer peel the pineapple peel and remove the pineapple core automatically.
4. At last, you get the cylindrical hollow pineapple.

Pineapple Peeling & Coring Machine Working Video