Introduction of Fruit Beater

The double channel fruit pulping machine can make fruit pulp by beating fruits and vegetables with high speed and stable performance. And the residues can be discharged automatically. This machine is really a nice helper to process fruit jam, fruit juice, and vegetable juice.

fruit pulping machine

Fruit Pulping Machine Technical Parameter

Model ALMP-360
Capacity 1.5T/H
Power 7.5KW
Size 1450*770*1650mm

Fruit Beating Machine Application

Fruit beater is capable of beating crushed fruits like tomatoes, kiwi fruits, strawberries, apples, pears and other softening fruits like dates, hawthorns, etc. It is mainly suitable for stoning, pulping and automatic separation of drupe fruits after pre-boiling. If you want to invest in fruit processing equipment, it’s wise for you to choose the fruit pulping machine.

fruit beating machine applications

Fruit Pulping Machine Features

1. Sanitary and healthy. High-quality stainless steel material ensures sanitary beating process.
2. Integrated removing fruit core and crushing process together. Automatically discharge fruit skin and residue.
3. Multifunctional. Can works either independently or combined with other fruit processing equipment?
4. Higher efficiency, energy saving,  durable performance, and lower failure rate.
5. Sturdy construction, streamlined appearance.

Fruit Beater Working Principle

* The transmission belt conveys fruits to the processing cage. It is the high rotating speed that beats fruits into fruit pulp.
* The screens can be changed freely and you will get different beating speed based on your own requests.