Centrifugal Fruit/Vegetable Juice Machine

Our fruit/vegetable juice machine adopts centrifugal principle to extract juice from fruits & vegetables and discharges fruit pulp or residues automatically. The high-speed cutting blades can crush fruits or vegetables in a few seconds and it is the centrifugal force that pushes juice into containers. Catering to the modern on-the-rush but health required lifestyle, it is widely applied to restaurants, supermarkets, shopping center, fruit shop, pub, hospital, and many school canteens.

centrifugal juice extractor details

Centrifugal Fruit /Vegetable Juicer Technical Data

Model 1000KP-370W 2000KP-550W 2000KP-750W
Voltage 110V 60HZ
220V 50HZ
110V 60HZ
220V 50HZ
110V 60HZ
220V 50HZ
Power 370W 550W 750W
Output 5-10kg/min 5-10kg/min 5-10kg/min
Yield 40-50% 40-50% 40-50%
Net weight 15kg 28kg 28kg

Fruit/Vegetable Juice Machine Features

♢ Automatically separate fruit and vegetable juice from their slags.
♢ Stainless steel material, easy to clean up, no disassembling.
♢ Wide application to various fruits and vegetables.
♢ Exquisite structure, competitive price.

centrifugal fruit juice extractor wide application

How to Choose a Juice Machine?

★ Easy to clean

A good juicer is not how easy it can be disassembled to clean but how simple to clean. The easier it is to clean, the more likely you wanna use it.

★ Decide what fruit to extract

Some fruit like orange has its special juicer; For both fruits and vegetables, a more powerful motor may be your choice.

★ Online researches

Browse some juicer seller web and have a look at their products and comments posted by purchasers.

What Kinds of Fruit or Vegetable to Extract?


▶ Fruits: apple, pear, grape, watermelon, honey-dew melon; peeled citrus, orange, lemon…
▶ Vegetable: carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, spinach…
▶ Mixtures: blend any kind of fruit juice with other fruit juices or vegetable juice according to a prescribed recipe!
Just imagine whatever kind of pleasant juice and produce it, you may be proud of a certain unbelievable taste.