Apple Slicing Machine Introduction

Apple slicing machine is a good helper to slice the apple into thin pieces at high speed. The apple slicer machine integrates apple peeling and slicing process automatically with stable-performance and high quality,  this is the ideal machine for apple processing industry to make nutritious and delicious apple piece snacks.

apple slicing machine, banana slicer

Apple Slicing Machine Technical Parameters

Model ALSM-8000
Capacity 8000 pieces/h
Thickness 2-8mm(adjustable)
Power 0.3 kw(220v/ 380v-50H)
Weight 80kg
Dimension 650*560*1200mm
Certificate CE certified

Apple Slicing Machine Application

Apple slicing machine is an ideal slicer not only for apples but also for many other kinds of fruit, such as pineapple, cassava, lemon, banana, guava, sweet potato, taro, lotus and etc. If you want to process delicious fruit snacks in pieces and preserve original nutrients, apple slicing machine is worth your consideration.

Automatic Apple Slicing Machine Characters

☆ CE certification, healthy and durable.
☆ Automatic operation, adjustable thickness, and length standard.
☆ SS material, easy to use and handle,corrosion-proved.
☆ Efficient and multifunctional integrates peeling and cutting process.
☆ Compact structure, energy saving.

How Does Apple Slicing Machine Work?

▶ Set and regulate the slice thickness according to needs.
▶ Put apples into the inlet. They will fall on the slicer board vertically.
▶ Put apples into the inlet. They will fall on the slicer board vertically.
▶ The rotary cutter cuts apples into round shape slice uniformly.
▶  If there is no fruit, the cutter will stop automatically.