Large Capacity Sugarcane Juice Machine Introduction

Our 4 t/p automatic sugarcane juicer is specially designed for processing a large number of cane stalks and suitable for places where sugarcane juice is in heavy demand such as busy street and its corner, supermarkets, KTV or bars. Sugarcane juice is definitely a leisure drink and sought after not only because of its pleasant taste but the rich nutrients which human body need. Thus, it sounds like a good idea to invest in sugarcane juice machine.

large sugarcane juice machine

Large Capacity Sugarcane Juice Machine Technical Data

Model ALSC-4.5 ALSC-1000
Voltage 380V 380V
Power 4.5-5.5kw 5.5-7.5kw
Output 1000kg/h 4000kg/h
Weight 405 kg 1000 kg
Dimension 84*80*78cm 120*100*100cm

Automatic Sugarcane Juice Extractor Motor

Sugarcane juicer is equipped with a diesel engine of 8-10 HP or an 11KW three-phase motor, what’s more, we should ensure there is strong enough structure between the juicer and power engine.

automatic sugarcane juice extractorWhat to do Before Juice Machine Work?

◇ Check the whole juice machine, clean the residue and add lubricating oil.
◇ Ensure the diesel engine or other power to qualify heavy duty processing.
◇ Make sure the correct rotating direction,
◇ Start machine for warm up about 1 minute to extend its life.

Large Capacity Sugarcane Juice Machine Maintenance

◆Clean it each time after using to keep hygienic.
◆Set the juice machine in a steady position.
◆Oil the spare parts and gears once a week to ensure the good condition.
◆Disconnected the power when a sudden halt and check it completely.