Persimmon Peeling Machine Introduction

Persimmon peeling machine is designed to peel hard persimmons quickly, it can still remove the peel of other fruits such as apples, kiwi fruits, oranges, and etc. As a professional food machinery supplier, we can offer other fruit peeling or processing machine like aloe and cactus peeling machine, apple peeling coring machine, pineapple peeling coring machine, etc.

persimmon peeling machine

Persimmon Peeling Machine Technical Parameters

Capacity  1000-1300pcs/h
 Power 300W/50Hz
Voltage  220V
 Weight  80Kg
 Dimension  930*600*1020 mm

Persimmon Peeling Machine Features and Advantages

This peeler is suitable for peeling various shapes or size persimmons.
* High efficiency, the capacity of peeling machine can reach1000-1300pcs/h.
* High peeling rate, which can reach about 99%.
* Labor saving, this peeling machine can relieve 75% labor force.
* This peeling machine can avoid residual pesticide cross-contamination to the fruit pulp during the peeling process.

high peeling rate & high efficiency persimmon peeler machine

Persimmon Peeling Machine Working Process

1. Connect the pressure air source and power source, and then turn on the master switch and air switch.
2. Two peeling types, you can choose manual peeling or automatic peeling.
3. For manual peeling, put the persimmon near the vacuum cup, the vacuum cup grips the persimmon. Then press the manual button, the machine begins to peel the persimmon.
4. For automatic peeling, put the persimmon near the vacuum cup, the vacuum cup grips the persimmon and the peeler begins to peel. Then put the persimmons near the vacuum cup continuously.

persimmon and apple peeling process by persimmon peeler machine

Application of Persimmon Peeling Machine

Persimmon peeling machine is widely used in various fruit processing plants. The peeled persimmons can be used to process deliciously dried persimmons, persimmon jam, persimmon puddings, and persimmon tarts etc.

Friendly Tips

★ Sweet, delicious persimmons are rich in health-promoting nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are vital for optimum health. However, you should notice that persimmon skin can’t be eaten. The persimmon skin contains much tannic acid, which is harmful to human health.
★ The persimmon calyxes can be used as a Chinese herbal medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine, persimmon calyx is associated with the lung and stomach meridians and has bitter and neutral properties.

Persimmon Peeling Machine Working Video