Bean Sprouts Machine Introduction

Bean sprout machine offers great convenience to people’s daily and diversifies our diets. It is specially designed for making bean sprouts such as soybean sprout, mung bean sprout, and black bean sprout. The bean sprouts machine integrates water inflowing, water spraying and temperature controlling, thus shortens the growth-cycle of bean sprouts, and saves efforts in manually making bean sprouts. The short growing process perfectly protects bean sprouts from bacteria invasion and creates hygienic and fresh bean sprouts.

bean sprout growing machine

Bean Sprouts Machine Advantages

◇Fully automatic operation (micro-computer director, intelligent digital readout, automatic temperature control, water supply, water sprinkle, ozone-sterilization, high temperature & less water alarm), saving labor and time.
◇Galvanized & steel-frame structure, heat-retaining & waterproof & antirust & complex stainless steel inner, long service life.
◇Nature product, healthy to eat; no pollution and noise, eco-friendly; low consumption, energy-saving.
◇Widely used in the mess hall, supermarket, restraint, hotel, ship and large-scale sprouts producing as well as the sprouts specialized production households.

Full automatic Soybean and mung bean sprouter machine detailed features

Bean Sprouts Machine Market Potential

Whether the bean sprouts machine will replace manual sprouts production? The answer absolutely is “Yes”. The development of an intelligent device, the idea of looking for setting manual labor free, the monopoly of regional bean sprouts market and the transition from dispersing type to intensive type, all of these factors lead to this excellent invention as well as the great development potential.

bean sprouting machine application

Tips-How to Preserve Bean Sprouts

Wash bean sprouts in cold water to remove seed coats and roots. If you are using them in the day, place them in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel to keep them moist and store in the refrigerator at 45-50 degrees. If not, you can store in a bucket of icy water and change the water a few times a day.

Bean Sprouts Machine Specifications

Model Voltage Power Output/day Water consumption Weight Dimension Sprouts box
ALC6-60A 220V/50Hz 0.75kw 30kg 0.3 (m³) 125kg 1.5*0.8*1.5m 6 pieces
ALC6-100A 220V/50Hz 0.75kw 50 kg 1(m³) 150kg 1.5*0.8*1.7m 8 pieces
ALC6-200A 220V/50Hz 1.25kw 100kg 1(m³) 240kg 2.6*0.8*1.7m 16 pieces
ALC6-300A 220V/50Hz 1.25kw 150kg 1.5(m³) 300kg 2.6*0.8*1.9m 20 pieces
ALC6-400A 220V/50Hz 2kw 200kg 2(m³) 340kg 2.6*0.8*2.1m 24 pieces
ALC6-500A 220V/50Hz 2kw 250kg 2(m³) 450kg 2.6*1.4*1.7m 32 pieces
ALC6-600A 220V/50Hz 2kw 300kg 2.2(m³) 480kg 2.6*1.4*1.9m 40 pieces
ALC6-800A 220V/50Hz 2kw 400kg 2.5(m³) 500kg 2.6*1.4*2.1m 48 pieces
ALC6-1000A 220V/50Hz 3.5kw 500kg 2.8(m³) 680kg 4.6*1.4*1.7m 64 pieces
ALC6-1200A 220V/50Hz 4kw 600kg 3.1(m³) 780kg 4.6*1.4*1.9m 80 pieces