Soya Milk Machine

Soya Milk Machine Introduction

Soya milk machine is commercially used for making the large capacity of fresh soy milk efficiently. It can automatically produce healthy milk from various kinds of beans such as mung bean, grain, peanut and walnut; besides, soya milk making machine can also make bean curd, colorful tofu, dried tofu, and other instant bean products, thus it has wide application in hotels, restaurants, drinking shops, canteens, and schools, etc. Tofu making machine is also offered here for different soybean products plants.soya milk machine

Soya Milk Making Machine Features

☆ Fully automatic. The whole soybean milk making process follows the predetermined data, stably and continuously.
☆ High output. Adopts the most advanced grinding and boiling container, 20% more than common soymilk machine.
☆ Nutrition maintenance. Closed grinding system, ultra-temperature boiling, supplies authentic soymilk.
☆ Sanitary. 304 stainless steel meets hygiene standard and is easy to clean.
☆ Simple to operate and high speed. 15-20 minutes can serve you fresh soybean milk.
☆ Multifunctional. Work independently to make soymilk or equipped with tofu press machine to make bean curd, tofu, dried soybean curd, etc.

Commercial Soy Milk Maker Application

With the most worldwide grinding and boiling equipment matched, our soya milk making machine is definitely your ideal investment choice for small soybean milk store, cold drinks store, small and medium Tofu plant, dining room, hotel, restaurants, canteens, supermarket, to produce hot fresh soybean milk and bean curd.making soymilk by this machine

Automatic Soy Milk Machine Working Principle

Soya milk machine integrates grinding and boiling and has high working efficiency. The grinding process ensures soybeans broken and fine enough, and at the same time, good homogeneous and emulsion effect. The airtight electron ultra-temperature heating workmanship can make the milk boiling in above 100℃, which totally eliminates those harmful substances and unpleasant bean gamey smell, therefore it serves us palatable and nutrient soy milk.soya milk making machine

Soya Milk Machine Technical Parameters

Model DJ30 DJ50 DJ80
Specified Voltage 220V/380V/50Hz(electric type)
220V/50Hz (gas type)
380V/50Hz(electric type)
220V/50Hz (gas type)
380V/50Hz(electric type)
220V/50Hz (gas type)
Specified Power 9 kW(electric type)
0.75 kW(gas type)
18 kW(electric type)
1.5 kW(gas type)
18 kW(electric type)
1.5 kW(gas type)
Production Capacity 60 kg/h 120 kg/h 240 kg/h
Overall Size 103*61*143 cm 116*66*130 cm 162*69*130 cm
Weight 54 kg 73 kg 120 kg
Kettle Capacity 30 L 60 L 125 L