Automatic Animal Fodder Sprouting Machine Introduction

Automatic animal fodder sprouting machine is used to promote the growth of animal feed forage grass. The sprouts machine can short the growth cycle of sprouts, especially in winter or low room temperature. The machine adopts the ozone sterilization technology, which can greatly avoid the bacterial infection. Durable usage, automatic temperature control, automatic water spray, achieves full automatic production. It doesn’t need a professional person to care it, save labor, no noise, no pollution, and high quality.Sprout-Machine-Animal-Hydroponic

Automatic Animal Fodder Sprouting Machine Features

1. Stainless steel frame structure with thermal insulation and waterproof to prevent inner framework rust.
2. Computer control system: by using automatic temperature control and watering system, always in a state of constant temperature and circulation.
3. Saving time, saving labor, low consumption, no noise, and environment-friendly.
4. The production cycle can be shorted half or more, only need 4-5 days.

Animal green fodder sprout machine details feature

Automatic Animal Fodder Sprouting Machine Application

1. The animal fodder sprouting machine can be used for small, medium-sized and big scale leafy sprouts production. Such as households, dining room, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, ship, etc.
2. It is suitable for alfalfa sprouting, corn buds, pea shoots, buckwheat sprouting, barley seeding, wheat sprouting, and turnip sprouting and so on.

animal feed hydroponics production system application

Working Flow of Automatic Fodder Sprouting Machine

1. Select good beans or seeds (alfalfa seeds, soybeans, mung beans, etc);
2. Cleaning and aseptic processing the bean seeds;
3. Soaking seed in appropriate water temperature;
4. Binning, each bin contain about 5 kilograms;
5. Start bean sprout machine, set up the right parameters;
6. Aseptic processing cultivating room;
7. Observing the growing condition of the bean sprouting every day;
8. Harvesting bean sprouts after 4 days.

Automatic Fodder Sprouting Machine Parameters

 Model  Voltage  Power Output/day  Water consumption  Weight Dimension(m) Sprouts box
ALC6-YM50  220V/50Hz 1.5kw  25kg 0.5(m³)  120kg 1.4*0.8*1.8 16 pieces
 ALC6-YM100  220V/50Hz  2.0kw  50kg 1(m³) 240kg  2.4*0.8*1.8  32 pieces
 ALC6-YM150 220V/50Hz  2.3kw  75kg  1.8(m³)  300kg 2.4*0.8*2.1  48 pieces
 ALC6-YM200  220V/50Hz  2.5kw  100kg  2(m³) 380kg 2.4*1.4*1.8  64 pieces
ALC6-YM250 220V/50Hz  3.5kw  125kg  2.5(m³) 480kg 2.4*1.4*2.0 80 pieces
 ALC6-YM500  220V/50Hz  3.5kw 250kg  2.8(m³) 680kg  4.2*1.4*2.0 160 pieces
ALC6-YM1000  220V/50Hz  6.5kw 500kg  4(m³) 1200kg 5.6*2.1*2.3 300 pieces

Grain Sprouting Machine for Making Animal Fodder Working Video