Grain Cleaning Machine Introduction

This machine is usually employed to screen big or small impurities in cleaned raw grains, and then to clear grits, stones, clods and other foreign substances. It is widely used in grain processing plants.

grain cleaning equipment application

Grain Cleaning Machine Features

☆Air-blowing, vibrating and screening cooperate with each other
☆Advanced design and excellent fabricating
☆High production efficiency, stable performance
☆Low energy consumption, no pollution
☆Simple operation and maintenance, low noise

Specific-gravity stoning machine for grains

Grain Cleaning Machine Working Principle

The grain cleaning machine involves air-blowing, vibrating and screening these three functions which cooperate with each other, so it is able to clear all the impurities completely according to differences in the width, thickness, and length of the grain, and in the aerodynamic properties, surface condition, shape, and specific weight.

Tips-Daily Grain Intake

As we know, grain is the essential necessity of people’s daily life, but maybe not everyone knows the number of grains you need to eat. It depends on your age, gender and level of physical activity. So the grain amount you need daily must be pretty enough, which will be right good for your health.

Grain Cleaning Machine Parameters

Model ALQS01 ALQS02
Capacity 3t/h 5t/h
Power 2 * 0.25kw 2 * 0.37kw
Weight 350kg 500kg
Size 1500 * 1410 * 1850mm 1500 * 1810 * 2000mm

Working Video of Grain Cleaning Machine