Dog Food Machine Introduction

Dog food machine is specially designed for producing extrusion feed pellets for dogs, and cats. Because of the adjustable feed pellet shape and capacity, our dog food machine has been sought after among various pet keepers and pet feed plants. We are glad to offer pet feeds or extrusion diets of different grades and functions.machine to make animal food

Dog Feed Machine Advantages

☆Multifunction: can make extruded feed pellets for dogs, cats, and birds, etc.
☆High efficiency: output can reach 50-300kg/h
☆Good performance with economical price
☆High-quality feed products: various shapes, smooth and neat,
☆Healthy and natural feed material, no additives.
☆A total recycles of grain waste or crop waste, environmentally friendly.

dog food making machine for making good dog feed

Why Choose Our Dog Feed Machine

Our dog feed pellets are produced by extrusion theory. Compared to the traditional small single-shaft dog feed machine, our machine has a high puff rate. The ingenious design and reasonable structure make it easy to clean and maintain. During extrusion, fish powder, bone paste additives are not limited by little room or powerless single shaft. As the uniform production, the spare parts can easily get.

Dog Food Machine Technical Data

Model Power Voltage Capacity Weight Electric consumption Dimension
ALWFM40-A 7.5kw 380V 45kg/h 165kg 6 degree/h 1.0*1.0*0.72 m
ALWFM60 7.5kw 380V 60kg/h 185kg 6 degree/h 1.0*0.72*1.2 m
ALWFM80 11kw 380V 80kg/h 230kg 9 degree/h 1.0*1.2*0.72 m
ALWFM120 15kw 380V 120kg/h 320kg 11 degree/h 1.6*1.55*0.95 m
ALWFM160 15.5kw 380V 160kg/h 340kg 11 degree/h 1.6*1.55*0.95 m
ALWFM200 15.5kw 380V 200kg/h 380kg 11 degree/h 1.6*1.55*0.95 m
ALWFM300 18.5kw 380V 300kg/h 400kg 16 degree/h 1.6*1.55*0.96 m
ALWFM120-N 15.5kw 380V 120kg/h 480kg 11 degree/h 1.7*0.9*1.4 m
ALWFM160-N 15.5kw 380V 160kg/h 510kg 11 degree/h 1.7*0.9*1.4 m
ALWFM200-N 15.5kw 380V 200kg/h 580kg 11 degree/h 1.7*0.9*1.4 m
ALWFM30-M 4kw 220V 30kg/h 160kg 3 degree/h 1.0*1.0*0.72 m
ALWFM40-M 4kw 220V 40kg/h 190kg 3 degree/h 1.0*1.2*0.72 m
ALWFM50-M 4kw 220V 50kg/h 210kg 5 degree/h 1.0*1.2*0.72 m
ALWFM2000 160kw 380V 2000kg/h 1800kg 120 degree/h 3.8*1.4*1.6m
ALWFM3000 250kw 380V 3000kg/h 2500kg 180 degree/h 4.5*1.5*3.0m
ALWFM5000 400kw 380V 5000kg/h 3800kg 240 degree/h 6.0*1.8*4 m