Corn Husking Machine Introduction

Since the corn husker was invented, the manual work of peeling corns has been replaced by this machine, which is mainly used to peel off the husk of corn cobs after harvest. Corn husker is suitable for home use or small and medium-size corn processing plants.Corn Husk Peeling Machine on Sale

Corn Husk Removing  Machine Characters

★Powered by electromotor or diesel/gasoline engine
★Reliable performance, keep corncobs in good shape without damage
★Durable service life with high efficiency
★Space-saving for the small size, simple operation, and maintenance

corn husking machine detailes spare parts show

Corn Husking Machine Advantages

The corn husker fills a vacancy of farm machinery market, helps farmers free themselves from the heavy manual work, change the way of husking corn cobs by hand that lasts so many years. So it deserves the farmer’s trust and it becomes more and more popular for corn processing.

High Capacity Corn Husk Peeling Machine peeling process

How to Recycle the Corn Husk

We all know that the cornstalk can be returned to the farmland as natural fertilizer, and the corn husk is the same. The corn husk can be recycled by proper pellet machines to make fuel which is cost-saving and eco-friendly.

Corn Husker Parameters

Model Capacity(pcs/h) Power(kw) Loss rate
ALCP01 3500-4500 2.2 – 3 < 2%
ALCP02 6000-8000 2.2 – 3 < 2%
ALCP03 6000-8000  3 < 2%

Working Video of Corn Husker