Bean Sprout Cleaning Machine Introduction

This double layer vibrating machine has the function of cleaning the bean sprout and removing the shell in the bean sprout, which is a part of the bean sprout machine line. It can clean sprouts with high efficiency, reduce the water content of bean sprouts, prolong the storage period. And also, the automatic bean sprouts cleaning machine has no damage when clean the bean sprouts with high shelling rate.

bean sprout shell remove machine

Bean Sprout Cleaning Machine Characteristics

1. Made of 304 stainless steel, with a double layer of the screen.
2. Draining and peeling are completed in one step, convenient and efficiency.
3. No damage to bean sprouts, very clean and no rupture phenomenon.
4. Despite the bean sprouts length, it can be separated from bean skin.
5. High shelling rate, low production cost.
6. Small area cover, electricity saving.

Applications of Bean Sprout Cleaning Machine

The bean sprout cleaning machine is applicable to mung bean sprouts, soybean sprouts and soya bean flap peeling.

peeled bean sprouts by this cleaning machine

Bean Sprout Cleaning Machine Parameter

Voltage 220/380V 220/380V
Power 0.4kw 0.6kw
 Capacity 2 ton /hour 3 ton /hour
Weight 240kg 380kg
Dimension(m)  3.5*1.0*1.0 3.5*1.0*1.0

Bean Sprouts Peeling Cleaning Machine Video