Corn Kernel Peeling Machine Introduction

As we know, when the shuck of corn seeds is peeled off, they will be easier to process and better to taste. So the corn kernel peeling machine which is used for corn kernels peeling is employed a lot, and the small & mid-sized grain processing factory, mill workshop or other factories that need to process the corn products always take advantage of it.corn kernel peel removing machine

Corn Kernel Peeling Machine Features

1. Exquisite appearance and compact structure, taking a little space
2. High automation, easy to operate
3. Multi-function, suitable for peel rice, wheat, corn, broomcorn, soybean, etc.
4. Highly enclosed, no dust leakage
5. Simple for maintenance

corn kernel peeler machine application

Corn Kernel Peeling Machine Operation Principle

★Power source should be cut off when checking the machine
★If the spare part does not work well should be maintained or replaced timely

★Materials should be properly enough to avoid blocking
★Bolts should be checked and fastened after every service

What Do You Know About Corns

corn, maize

Corn, also known as maize, is a type of grain. The use of corn by humans can be traced back thousands of years. Corn was first used in the Mesoamerican geographic zone but was quickly transported around the world in the 15th century. Corn is the most-grown grain in the world for human and animal food.

Corn Kernel Peeling Machine Specification

Model Capacity Power Processing method Dimension(mm)
ALCH30 1500kg/h 15kw Dry processing 1236 * 600 *1645
ALCH50 2000kg/h 18.5kw Dry processing 1480 * 710 * 2000
ALCH130 200-300kg/h 5.5kw Dry &wet processing 900 * 600 * 1100
ALCH150 250-400kg/h 7.5kw Dry &wet processing 1000 * 500 * 1200
ALCH170 500-800kg/h 7.5kw Wet processing 1000 * 500 * 1200
ALCH190 300kg/h 3-4kw Wet processing 600 * 500 * 1200
ALCH210 500-700kg/h 11kw Dry processing 1350 * 700 * 1800
ALCH230 1000-1500kg/h 18.5kw Dry processing 1500 * 700 * 1800
ALCH250 2000-2500kg/h 30kw Dry processing 2000 * 800 * 2000