Multifunctional Peanut Chopping Machine Introduction

Multifunctional peanut chopping machine has wide application in the food industry where nut fragments are used for seasoning or accessories like the bakery, supermarket, dessert and other bagged or canned nut industry. It can chop all nuts into small pieces at high speed with large capacity.nut chopper crushing machine

Multifunctional Peanut Chopping Machine Working Principle

A conveying belt is used for transferring materials and ensures nuts spread evenly in the feeder. During cutting, the upper knife first cut them coarsely, then the bigger ones are finely cut by the lower knife to minimize the consumption of material and save oil. The space between cutting knives is adjustable for nut particles of different sizes. There are screen tablets in grading part to get the required nut particle sizes.

Peanut Chopping Machine Features

☆Multifunctional, can chop a wide range of nuts like peanut, cashew, almond, etc.
☆Various capacity choices, high efficiency of 400kg/h or more.
☆Delicate machine body, reasonable design.
☆Easy operation, adjustable knives space, energy saving, durable.
☆Customers are optional to choose different materials for machine based on demands.

Multifunctional application of peanut chopping machine

Multifunctional Peanut Chopping Machine Parameters

Model ALCM-400
Capacity 400Kg/h
Voltage 380V
Power 3KW/50Hz
Dimension 1.6*0.8*1.5m
Weight 300kg

Working Video of Peanut Chopping Machine