Automatic Cashew Shelling Machine Introduction

Automatic cashew shelling machine is specially applied to continuously shell different sizes cashew nuts from shells efficiently. It has high shelling ratio of above 95% but little damage to the cashew nuts. With the adjustable shelling diameters, a large diameter range of cashews can be shelled, thus it is widely used in nut processing machinery, food factory, various restaurants, and agricultural products trading market.

Semi-automatic Cashew Shelling Machine Introduction

Automatic Cashew Shelling Machine Features

This cashew nut machine shelling with lightweight, small volume, easy to transport, reliable performance, energy saving.
Made of stainless steel material, easy to operate and clean, durable and sanitary.
High shelling ratio of above 95%, little damage to cashew nuts.
Adjustable to suit various sizes and hardness of cashew nuts.

Semi-automatic Cashew Shelling Machine Feature

Automatic Cashew Sheller Machine Work Process

The cashew nuts are automatically fed into the feed chute between the left and the right side of the shelling blades and then pushed down by the push-type blades in motion up and down so as to complete the shelling work.

cashew shelling

How to Select and Storage Cashew?

Among the massive amount of cashews in the market, either raw, salted, sweet or ground, etc. buy shelled nuts that are bright cream-white in color, uniform in size and ponderable in hand. They should be free from cracks, mold, and spots and free of rancid smell.
Store shelled nuts inside an airtight container and keep in the refrigerator in order to avoid them turn rancid. Under ideal conditions, fresh nuts should last for 5-6 months.

Automatic Cashew Shelling Machine Technical Data

Model yk-4
Power 3Kw
Voltage 380/220/240/415/optional
Capacity 170kg/h
Control trpe Press button
Dimension 1.45*1*1.55 m
Shelling rate 90–95%
Unbroken rate 3%
Broken rate < 5%

Working Video of Automatic Cashew Cracking Machine