Nut and Bone Grinding Machine Introduction

Peanut butter is produced from dry peanuts after peeled and is becoming very popular around the world. The nut and bone grinding machine is the right tool for making all-natural peanut butter; it also can process other nuts( almond, cashew, pistachio nut, sesame, etc.) and bones or animal skin such as fish bones, sheep bones, pig bones, chicken skin, shrimp skin, cow skin and etc.
Nut and Bone Grinding Machine Introduction

Nut and Bone Grinding Machine Features

◇The machine has a compact structure, stable operation, large output, low temperature, and fine granularity.
◇The parts contact with materials adopts high-quality stainless steel, superior wear resistance, and long service life, no pollution, meeting the food hygienic requirements.
◇The machine is stable and durable, fineness can be reached 200 meshes.
◇Stator and rotor can choose different materials with different grinding and shearing the structure and tooth type, wide option.
◇Equipped with a cooling system to ensure the nature of the materials.
◇Grinding head can be adjusted freely according to material property and the actual use requirement or replacement.
◇The split design of spindle motor, users can select the appropriate speed.
◇Machining gap is adjusted by the ring micro-adjustment, and with a dial, easy to control, to ensure the quality of the product processing.
◇It is simple to operate, convenient to clean and maintenance, reducing costs, increasing production capacity and improving elasticity.
Nut and Bone Grinding Machine Features

Nut and Bone Grinding Machine Working Principle

This peanut butter machine is working by the relative movement of different shapes of stators and rotors. Peanuts enter the grinder due to the gravity; under the action of ambient pressure and centrifugal force, when peanuts getting through the variable-annular gap between the rotor and stator, they will suffer strong cutting, rubbing, high-frequency vibration and whirling force, then the material will be effectively processed into fine peanut butter.

Nut &Bone Grinding Machine Applications

Nut and Bone Grinding Machine Applications

Peanut Butter Nutrient Value

☺Dietary fiber helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels
☺Minerals: iron benefits red blood cells, calcium benefits bones, potassium reduces the risk of hypertension
☺Resveratrol helps to protect against bacteria, viruses, and fungus

Bone Grinding Machine in Processing Bone and Meat

This bone grinding machine is widely used in sausage making, seasoning powder making, meatball making, spice and condiment making area, pet food, frozen food, food ingredients, bone soup, chondroitin, bone glue, bone meal, high calcium food, health food, biological, pharmaceutical and other industries to grind the chicken bones, cow bones, fish bones, sheep bones, pig bones, horse bones, and varies other animal/poultry bones, also to pigskin, chicken skin, shrimp skin, cow skin and etc.
Bone Grinding Machine in Processing Bone and Meat

Notes on Nut & Bone Grinding Machine

1. Do not put your hands in the machine when the machine is operating.
2. Please shut off the power when you do not use the machine.
3. Please read instructions before using.
4. Please clean the machine regularly.

Nut and Bone Grinding Machine Specifications

Model AL-PB80 AL-PB130 AL-PB180 AL-PB240
Output size 2–50 Micro 2–50 Micro 2–50 Micro 2–50 Micro
Capacity 30-40kg/h 200-250kg/h 400-450kg/h 1000-1500kg/h
Power 4kw,380v,50hz 15kw,380v,50hz 22kw,380v,50hz 37kw,380v,50hz
Die of rotor 80mm 130mm 180mm 240mm
Dimension 685*335*928mm 975*456*1054mm 981*471*1124mm 1319*500*1276mm
Weight 210kg 400kg 420kg 1300kg

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