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Almond Shelling & Separating Machine

//Almond Shelling & Separating Machine

Introduction of Small Almond Sheller and Separator

Almond shelling and separating machine is used for de-shelling & separating almond shells from almond meats. It consists of an almond sheller and almond kernel shell separator. Almond sheller is mainly used to remove almond hard shells from almond meats. The result is a mixture of shells and kernels. Almond kernel shell separator is used after the shelling process to separate the shells from the meats using specific gravity difference.

Introduction of Small Almond Sheller and Separator

Features of Almond Sheller and Separator

1. Simple structure, reliable performance, easy operation.
2. High efficiency, low energy consumption, save electricity cost.
3. Adjustable roller spacing for different nut size, high cracking rate, low broken rate.
4. Adjustable deck tilt and controllable air volume ensure high separation rate up to 98%.
5. The shaking screen of the cracker can be changed.
6. The separator adopts rubber bearing, durable and stable with good shock absorption.

Feature of Almond Sheller and Separator

Strong Applicability of Almond Shelling Unit

1. Apart from almond, the sheller and separator are also suitable for other kinds of hard shell nuts, such as apricot stone, peach pit, hazelnuts(filbert), macadamia nuts, palm nut, argan nut, wild jujube, Prunus humilis, etc.
2. The machine is suitable for small growers and processing facilities.
3. We also provide 800-1000kg/h large type almond shelling and separating machine.

Strong Applicability of Almond Shelling Unit

Working Principle of Almond Shelling and Separating Machine

After feeding the in-shell almonds into the hopper of the cracker, the two counter-rotating rollers will crack the almonds hard shell. With the shaking of the screen, the cracked almonds will discharge from the lower sieve, while in-shell almonds will get out from the upper sieve.
Then feed the mixture onto the inclined table, the table vibrates and fans force air upward through the particles. Due to the different specific gravity, the lighter shells are lifted from the deck surface and roll down the inclination of the deck, while the heavier kernels contacting the deck surface move up toward the higher side.

Technical Data of Almond Shelling and Separating Machine

Product Sheller Separator
Model ALASM-300 ALSM-300
Capacity 300-400kg/h 300-400kg/h
Voltage 220V/380V 220V/380V
Power 2.2kw 2.2kw
Dimension 1920*880*1300mm 2550*980*1650mm

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