Straight Roller Conveyor Introduction

The roller conveyors have become essential for materials handling and many businesses utilizing them on a daily basis. Straight roller conveyor can be divided into non-power gravity roller conveyors and powered roller conveyors. Either operated by power or natural gravity forces, the roller conveyor assists with simple material movement and is suitable for a variety of industries. The roller conveyor system can be one independently or multi-conveyors or combined with other transfer equipment to meet the needs of different production lines.

straight running roller conveyor
Straight Gravity Roller Conveyor
stainless steel roller conveyor

Straight Food Roller Conveyor Features

♤ Simple structure, high reliability, convenience in operation and maintenance.
♤ Large throughput, quick speed, can realize many varieties of transmission of collineation and distributaries.
♤ Bear load goods, low airframe keeps the steady delivery, convenient to load and upload.
♤ Installation is simple and convenient in operation, can be spliced with arbitrary length; Simple installation and convenient operation.

Gravity Roller Conveyor Application

1. The roller conveyor is applicable to transport the goods whose bottom is flat like boxes, bags, packages, parcels, trays, and pallets, etc.
2. The bulk material, small article or irregular goods should be put on pallets or turnover box.
3. Also, the conveyor can be used in beverage, food, packaging, machinery, electronics, light industry, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, motorcycle, logistics industries, etc.

meat roller conveyor
gravity roller conveyor
food roller conveyor for food transport
straight roller conveyor for conveying butter

Straight Roller Conveyor Highlights

♤ Versatility to meet all food products conveying.
♤ Low-noise and maintenance-free operation.
♤ High availability and reliability.
♤ Cost reduction.

Main Parameters of Straight Roller Food Conveyor

Frame &Roller material spraying carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Roller width 300mm,400mm,500mm,600mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm
Roller diameter 38mm,50mm,60mm,76mm,89mm,etc
Length &Height& Roller pitch customized
Driving form electric motor or electric drum
Transmission form chain driven
Speed fixed speed or variable speed