Brief Introduction of Fastback Horizontal Food Conveyor

Fastback horizontal food conveyor eliminates food product breakage and the loss of expensive seasonings & coatings and offers expanded benefits in a gentle product handling distribution system. The horizontal food conveyor or feeder is applicable to products which are easy-broken, easy-separated and coated with flavoring, such as massive, granular and flake snack foods, fried foods, etc.

horizontal food conveyor

Fastback Horizontal Food Conveyor Features

☀ Lower material damage and loss of seasonings and coatings.
☀ Easy to install and clean, the feeder could work at the humid condition with the waterproof construction.
☀ Full food grade stainless steel material, clean and hygienic.
☀ The tray is easy to disassemble and assemble.
☀ Low cost to install, easy to adjust, and low noise.
☀ We can customize different size and materials for trays to meet clients’ production requirements.

Horizontal Food Conveyor Application

The conveyor is suitable for all kinds of dry snacks, granular, baked food and shaped products, such as potato chips/crisps, frozen food, candies, extruded foods, peanuts, etc. Usually, this equipment should be equipped with bucket conveyor and a composite scale.

applicable raw material for conveying by the horizontal conveyor

Benefits of Using Fastback Horizontal Food Conveyors

1. Precise control of product delivery to downstream equipment.
2. Maximum flexibility in scheduling a packaging distribution system.
3. Balanced product flow increases operating efficiency and productivity.
4. No high-maintenance airlines, air cylinders or solenoids.

Fastback Horizontal Food Conveyor Technical Parameters

Model ALDF
Tray Length 2100mm (customized)
Tray Width 410mm
Tray Height 100mm
Capacity 10000L/h
Machine Size 2100*550*700mm
Weight About 250Kg
Voltage AC220V, single phase, 50Hz
Power 1.5Kw