Get to Know Food Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is the first choice to convey or load powder and small granules such as snacks, sugar, milk powder, seasonings, additives, and vacuum salt, etc. to auger filler. It can convey food in a closed channel made of food grade stainless steel and features neither leakage no pollution to food products. The tube length and inclined angle degree can be customized according to customers’ demand.

auger feeder
spiral food conveyor

Food Screw Conveyor Structure

Screw conveyor mainly consists of loading motor, vibrating motor, hopper, tube, and screw auger.

screw conveyor structure

Screw Conveyor Features

♧ The tube and hopper are connected by a soft pipe, easy to disassemble.
♧ The vibration hopper and adjustable amplitude make material easily load to the tube.
♧ Conveying parts in contact with food products are made of stainless steel or advanced surface coating technology to prevent food pollution or binding.
♧ Frequency conversion technology is adopted to ensure stable and well-distributed conveying.
♧ The conveying speed can be adjustable, durable and has efficient performance.
♧ Has easy access for wash-down purposes with minimal or zero fasteners in the food zone.

Screw Conveyor Application Scope

application of food screw conveyor

ALS Screw Conveyor Technical Parameters 

Production capacity 4-6.5M3/h
Length 2.2M(Customize1-5M)
Tube diameter 114mm/141mm/159mm
Hopper volume 250L
Power system 380V,50Hz,3phases/220V,50Hz,single phase
Inclined angle 45degree (Customize30-60 degree)