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Semi-auto Quantitative Packing Scale

//Semi-auto Quantitative Packing Scale

Quantitative Packing Scale Introduction

Computer quantitative packing scale is the latest development of the new generation of intelligent weighing and packaging machine for the loose and non-adhesive particles and powder. It is composed of four major parts: automatic weighing device, conveyor device, sewing equipment, and computer control system. The main function is to package the materials for the quantitative measurement by manual feeding bags, automatic folder bags, and loose bags, and assisted sewing bags. The speed of the main engine adopts three different types to adjust: fast speed, intermediate speed, and slow speed. This machine has reasonable structure, beautiful shape, also easy to operate.

Quantitative Packing Scale Introduction

Technical Parameters of Quantitative Packing Scale

Model ALC5-KL024
Packing Weight Range 10-50kg/bag
Packing Quantity Range 3-4bags/min
Main Engine Power 380V/2.2kw
Delivery Speed Adjustable
Gas Consumption 0.4-0.65Mpa
Overall Dimension 2000*800*2500mm

Quantitative Packing Scale Features

▷Independent suspension sensor, a pneumatic actuator, signal transmission stability, to ensure the accuracy of weighing.
▷Infrared sensor, high efficiency, saving more energy and electricity.
▷Adopts advanced electrostatic spray coating production technology, and material contact parts imported stainless steel materials, high hygiene standards, corrosion resistance, long service life.
▷The main machine USES automatic flow blanking materials, advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sample processing technology, anti-jamming technology, and realizes the error automatic compensation and correction.
▷Dust removal device to ensure humanized operation and reduce the labor intensity, easy maintenance, no pollution.
▷Operating screen uses the digital display mode, can realize man-machine conversation and the data communications between the PC and upper machine.

Quantitative Packing Scale Feature

Quantitative Packing Scale Application

This quantitative packing scale is suitable for packaging the loose and non-adhesive particles and powder from grain and seed industry, food and feed industry, medicine and fertilizer industry, building material and chemical industry, etc.
How the Packing Scale Machine Works
This packing scale can achieve weighing and packing efficiently by the following process: artificial assisted feeding, automatic weighing, and packing transmitted by the conveyor belt for assisted sealing or sewing.

Quantitative Packing Scale Application


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