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Powder Packing Machine-Vertical Type

//Powder Packing Machine-Vertical Type

Vertical Powder Packing Machine Introduction

Vertical Powder Packing Machine is the new generation of intelligent weighing and packaging machine for packing non-stick with flow property powder. This is a vertical form fill seal machine, installed with auger filler drove by a servo motor to measure and fill materials. Electrical equipment is all Siemens Brand, including a servo motor, the operation screen, and PLC. This machine has reasonable structure, beautiful shape, and is easy to operate.

Automatic Vertical Milk Packaging Machine Structures

Powder Packing Machine Technical Parameters

Model ALC5-FJ006
Power 220V/2.2KW
Bag length 80-300mm
Bag width 100-200mm
Packing Speed 5-60bags/min
Air Consumption 0.65Mpa
Gas Consumption 0.3m³/min
Overall Dimension 1320*950*1360mm
Weight 540kg
Measuring Range 150-1200ml

Vertical Powder Packing Machine FeaturesVertical Powder Packing Machine Characteristics

☞English and Chinese screen display, the operation is easy and simple.
☞PLC computer control system, screw rotary measuring, more stable performance, can be adjusted any parameters not need stop machine.
☞It can stock ten group parameters, simple to change variety.
☞Adopting Servo motor drawing film, the position is more accurately.
☞Independent temperature control system, precision can reach ±1℃.
☞Independent control of horizontal and vertical sealing temperature, suitable for various of mix film, PE film, and other packing materials.
☞Packing type diversification, back sealing, inserted angle sealing, punching, and etc.
☞Can automatically finish bag-making, weighing, packing, sealing, printing date and cutting in one
☞Quiet work circumstance quiet, low noise.

Vertical Packing Machine Application

Powder Vertical Packing Machine is suitable for packing non-stick with flow property powder, such as milk powder, flour, starch, washing powder, curry, spices, instant coffee, tea cornmeal, drink powder, bean powder, jelly powder, maize powder, cement, pepper, paprika, fertilizer powder, herb powder, chemical powder and so on. This machine is very popular in food, chemicals, construction, fertilizer, medical, and pharmaceutical area.

Vertical Packing Machine Application

Vertical Powder Packing Machine Working Process

Vertical Powder Packing Machine Working Process

Working Video of Automatic Powder Packing Machine


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