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Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is a traditional appetizer in Chinese cuisine. The soup is made by drizzling finely beaten eggs into boiling chicken broth, which cooks the egg and thickens the soup.

Banana Cupcake Recipe

Yummy and healthy cupcakes! These banana cupcakes are quick, easy and delicious. Try these banana cupcakes for a sweet treat both kids and adults are sure to love.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and sour pork combines two distinct flavors that come together well loved by both Chinese and foreign folks.Pork cutting machine,edible oil press,and vegetable slicing machine,etc.We offer them!

Tomato Soup Recipe

Tomato soup recipe is one of the popular recipes for everyone especially because its flavor and taste, this is a very simple and perfect recipe for telling you how to make tomato soup!

Vegetable Sushi Recipe

If you are non-fish eater or want to try a different flavor sushi, try this healthy and delicious vegetable sushi recipe. It will not let you down.

Mapo Tofu Recipe

Mapo tofu is a representative savory dish in China, and if you like tofu as well as the spicy-hot taste, try this Mapo tofu recipe.

Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet potatoes are nutritive and good for health; this quick and easy sweet potato soup recipe will make a great full meal with sandwich or appetizer dish.

Spring Rolls

This is an easy recipe for spring rolls. Learn how you can make quick and easy great tasting spring rolls.

Almond Flour Pancakes

Almond flour pancakes are naturally gluten free and are full of protein. Delicious, light and fluffy for a wonderful pancake breakfast.

Baked Apple Donuts

The baked apple doughnuts are tender, sweet and studded with pieces of tart apples. So take a look at our delicious baked apple donuts recipe with easy to follow step-by-step details.

Fried Potatoes Recipe

Fried potatoes are the perfect finger food. This is not the only way to make fried potatoes, but it is a good way to start. Those home-fried potatoes are better than any you’d get a roadside food.

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

Chinese sauerkraut fish belonging to the Sichuan dishes, main raw materials are grass carp and pickled cabbage; process boiled, delicate fish, sauerkraut and delicious, fish soup is delicious, and it is not difficult to make.

Pasta Food—Pasta Processing Machines

Nothing says Italy like its food,and nothing says Italian food like pasta.Although many diets discourage the consumption of pasta,grain-based food can be quite beneficial for a variety of nutritions.