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Food Conveyor

Innovative design, Professional guide & Superior quality

Inclined Food Grade Belt Conveyor

Inclined belt food conveyor is welcome in conveying various food products up and down for packing or further processing. We can customize inclined belt food conveyor at any height and angle.

Bucket Food Elevator

Bucket elevator has wide application in the food-producing industry to deliver food for packing or further processing. Stably working with the least spillage, the large delivering capacity of 4-6.5m3/h.

Curved Food Roller Conveyor

45℃-180℃ curve roller conveyor in the stainless steel frame applied to convey all kinds of goods like boxes, bags, food parcels, etc. Customized food conveyors!

Straight Roller Conveyor

Gravity roller conveyors and powered roller conveyors are reliable; convenient in operation and maintenance, an essential transportation tool in food processing factory.

Food Grade Turning Belt Conveyor

The main transition function of turning belt conveyor is connecting two linear conveyors at the corner of the workplace. There are 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180-degree turning conveyors.

Linear Type Food Grade Belt Conveyor

Linear type belt food conveyor is suitable for conveyor lightweight materials and equipped with pulleys for standing. Stably conveying and low noise, inexpensive for the food conveying industry.

Food Screw Conveyor

Food screw conveyor is ideal to load or convey powder and small granular to auger filler. Food grade stainless steel material but reasonable price. Ideal for food production line investment.

Fastback Horizontal Food Conveyor

Fastback horizontal food conveyor is an ideal tool to convey easy-to-broken food products like granules, flake snack foods, fried food, etc. Simple to assemble, low cost.