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Vegetable Pasteurizing Machine Presentation

This machine is suitable for various kinds of vegetables, fruits and meat blanching and enzyme deactivating. It is the indispensable equipment for quick-freezing, dewatering, peeling and other further processing and pretreatment.

vegetable pasteurizing machine

Vegetable Pasteurizing Machine Features

☆Self-controlled temperature, free to set, easy to operate.
☆Multifarious heating methods (by steam, electricity, heat-conducting oil furnace, etc.)
☆Stainless steel body conforms to food hygienic standard.
☆Stable performance, high efficiency, low noise.

vegetable and fruits

How to Maintain Vegetable Pasteurizing Machine

1. Daily maintenance system: check if the power source and the machine body are in good condition (pre-operation, in-service, after-service)
2. Regular maintenance and inspection system: check if the machine components and performance work well
3. Timely restoration system: replace and upgrade the inoperative and obsolete spare part

clean vegetables

Why Food Needs Pasteurizing
☆Partially cook produces in order to destroy enzymes
☆Improve produces texture, flavor, and color without fully cooking it
☆Loosen the skin
☆Make produces stored well

Vegetable Pasteurizing Machine Specification



LPT6000 LPT7000









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