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vegetable cut machine

Large Capacity Vegetable Cutting Machine Introduction

In the school refectory, restaurant, hotel and food processing plant, cutting vegetables undoubtedly is a kind of heavy work. And the vegetable cutting machine can ease this work, because it is widely used to cutting root, stem, leaf vegetables, kelp and bean products into various standard sizes.

Large Capacity Vegetable Cutting Machine Features
▷Centrifugal slicing system is to slice potatoes, carrots, ginger, etc. these hard vegetables.
▷Vertical blade is to processing leafy-soft vegetables and vegetable-slices into different standard strips, cubes, rhombuses, etc.
▷Slice thickness and cutting length can be adjusted in the regular range
▷The processed vegetables have smooth surface, standard shape, intact texture and fresh flavor
▷Easy to operate, simple to maintain

vegetale strips

How to Manage Large Capacity Vegetable Cutting Machine
⊙ Stable placement, fine plug contact, no looseness, no water stain before operation
⊙ Check if there are foreign matters on the conveying belt to avoid breaking blades
⊙ Choose incising mode based on the vegetable to be processed
⊙ Turn the adjustable eccentric sheave, manage the height of knife rest lifted up to ensure getting right operation and processing

Fresh Vegetables Benefits

diced potatoes◇ Disease prevention: fresh vegetables contain antioxidants that help prevent cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure
◇ Weight control: fresh vegetables are naturally low in calories which helps maintain a healthy weight
◇ Digestive system: lots of fiber in fresh vegetables is good for regulating digestion
◇ Teeth: eating fresh vegetables leads to better dental health and prevention of gum disease

Large Capacity Vegetable Cutting Machine Parameters




Conveying belt length

Blade rotation

Cutting thickness

Vertical blade cutting speed

Cutting length









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