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microwave food drying machine

Microwave Drying Machine Introduction
Conventional thermal sterilization is through the heat conduction, convection and radiation way to transmit the heat from the material surface to inside, to achieve the sterilization temperature often requires a long time. Microwave sterilization is the direct effect between microwave energy and microorganisms in the material bacteria. Thermal effect and non-thermal effect works together, to achieve rapidly heating up and shorten processing time.

Why Need Microwave Drying Machine

The conventional thermal treatments of many heat sensitive products often lead to significant changes in the quality of food and make these products unacceptable for consumers. Drying materials with microwave energy is an attractive solution. The shorter time and more uniform heating offers advantages over conventional drying in producing a wide range of high quality food products, which include liquid, semi-solid and solid.
All kinds of material sterilization time is in commonly 3 to 5 minutes, the sterilization temperature keeps 70 to 90 degrees. Its characteristics are: short time, fast speed; even and complete sterilization, low temperature sterilization, material invariance, maintaining the original nutrients and flavor, energy conservation, environmental protection, simple operation, good controllability, and advanced craft.

Features of Microwave Drying Machine

dried flower

dried dates

  Customized machine according to the characteristics of the products
  Its food grade stainless steel material, elegant appearance and exquisite   workmanship make it convenient to clean and maintain
  Adopt non-touch infrared temperature measurement system, which has high precision and automatic control
 PLC automatic controlling system and the human-computer interface operation
  Automatically turning on and off the machine system makes the materials and microwave start and stop synchronously
 Microwave power can be adjusted continuously, and it has variable frequency, intelligent control of humidity and temperature
Microwave leakage ≤ 1mW/ cm2 (National standard ≤5mW/ cm2)

Microwave Drying Machine Wide Application

dried fish

dried jerky

seasoning materials

Dates: dried dates, jujube paste, slice date
Meat: beef jerky, dried pork, chicken, duck, fish
Condiment: sauce, paprika
Flowers: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rose, peony
Nuts: walnut, Chinese chestnut, melon seeds
Bean products: soybean, mung bean, protein powder, tofu, dried tofu
Spirulina: spirulina tablet, spirulina powder

Microwave Drying Machine Technical Data






Microwave leakage


20kw(adjustable) 380v/50Hz 2450±50MHz 8.0*1.1*1.8m ≤1(mw/ cm2)


30kw(adjustable) 380v/50Hz 2450±50MHz 8.0*1.1*1.8m ≤1(mw/ cm2)


60kw(adjustable) 380v/50Hz 2450±50MHz 12.0*1.1*1.8m ≤1(mw/ cm2)


30kw(adjustable) 380v/50Hz 2450±50MHz 12.0*1.1*1.8m ≤1(mw/ cm2)


100kw(adjustable) 380v/50Hz 2450±50MHz 16.0*1.1*1.8m ≤1(mw/ cm2)

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