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cotton candy machine

Electric Cotton Candy Machine

Electric Cotton Candy Machine is designed to make flavored and colorful cotton candies. The cotton candy is with sugar as the main raw material by adding various flavors. The machine is with beautiful appearance and wide uses. It is easy to operate and clean.

Electric Cotton Candy Machine Application
This cotton candy machine is designed in appearance to look like the nostalgic style cotton candy carts. It is a technologically advanced cotton candy machine. The machine is designed to make cotton candies with sugar as the main raw material. You can also add some special flavors to make a variety of flavored and colorful cotton candies. The electric cotton candy machine can be used in tea restaurant, western-style food shop, supermarket, park, cinema and amusement park etc.

Electric Cotton Candy Machine Working Principle

cotton candy

✪Turn on the machine and allow it to run for about four or five minutes. This will allow it to warm up.
✪Pour a spoon of sugar into the center receptacle.
✪You can visually see the cotton candy web begin after 30 seconds, collect the cotton candy with a bamboo stick (or similar object) by holding the stick vertically. Rotate the stick with your fingers while you circle the bowl. Once cotton candy has collected on the stick then hold the stick in a horizontal position over the extractor head and move from side to side making sure you are collecting all the cotton candy.
✪Turn off the machine when all the sugar has been dispensed. Once the extractor head has come to a complete stop, you can pour another measure of sugar in the extractor head and begin again.
✪Don’t turn off the machine immediately after you finishing making cotton candies. Clean the rotary receptacle with water (keep the receptacle rotating and pour a spoon of water into it). Then turn off the switch and scrub it with soft cloth.

delicious cotton candy
Notice About The Operation of
Cotton Candy Machine
▲Never leave the machine unattended while in use.
▲Keep out of reach of children.
▲Don’t touch the hot surfaces.
▲Unplug from outlet when not in use and before removing parts for cleaning.
▲Heating element in center can get hot. Avoid contact until cool.
▲Keep hands away from the machine when it is in the on position and is spinning.
 ▲Switch the power source when the heater is not working and clean the adust sugar.

Electric Cotton Candy Machine Technical Parameters

Model Voltage


Weight Dimension


220V 950W





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