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hydraulic oil press

Hydraulic Oil Press Instruction

Automatic hydraulic oil press is the easiest one in operation compared with the other oil presses. It features by high oil yield and the wearing parts are durable. The hydraulic oil press is mainly used to squeeze high oil crops and suitable for household and small size plant.

Hydraulic Oil Press Application
Hydraulic oil press is a kind of small size oil press, easy to operate. It is suitable for household manufactures and small-size oil processing plants. The hydraulic oil press is mainly used to squeeze high oil crops including sesames, walnut kernels, cashew nuts, olives, tea seeds and almonds etc.

Hydraulic Oil Press Features


◆The press is made of stainless steel which can meet the health and quarantine standards.
◆The machine is small size, cover little floor space.
◆Easy to operate, one person can finish the operation.
◆Lower power consumption, save cost.
◆The hydraulic oil press is with high pressure — high oil yield, great oil quality.
◆Adopt automatic control system, it can control preheating temperature and hydraulic system pressure.

Hydraulic Oil Press Structure and Working Principle

pressed oil

--The hydraulic oil press is mainly composed of piston, hydraulic cylinder, upright column, flexible cross bar, bottom foundation, oil pump, material chamber, electric heating circles and automatic temperature control device etc.
--The oil materials among screw threads are propelled forward when the pressing screw rotates.
--The space between pressing chamber and pressing screw is gradually reduced, and the oil material density increases, so the pressure is gradually increasing. For the friction of oil material particles, oil material and machine parts, it generates heat.
--The pressure and heat breaks the oil material histiocytes, the oil overflows from the oil lines. And the oil cakes are propelled out from the cake head and cake mouth.
--The vacuum pump pumps out the air from the bucket when the overflowing oil flows through the oil plate onto the oil bucket.
--Negative pressure forms in the bucket, so the oil is pumped into the bucket through the filter cloth. The oil residues are staying on the filter cloth, thus the oil is pure.
Hydraulic Oil Press Technical Parameters

Model Pressure

Material Processing Per Time



Motor power


1900KN 7-8kg 850kg




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