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egg machine

Stainless Steel Egg Washing Machine Introduction

This type egg washing machine uses stainless steel wire ball brush to clean eggs in high efficiency. The steel wire ball brush is soft with toughness, will not rust. The bearings on both sides had been made water seal, will not leak. It can wash both hen eggs and duck eggs.

Stainless Steel Egg Washing Machine Features
1. No eggs broken during washing.
2. Steel wire ball brush, soft with toughness, will not rust.
3. Water seal, no leakage.
4. Stainless steel wire water-proof motor, durable use.
5. High efficiency, wash clean, low electricity consumption.
6. Easy to operate, without damage, suits for all levels of egg procession industry.

an egg

Application of Egg Washing Machine
It can wash hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc. Usually, when cleaning salted eggs, just fill the machine catch basin with water; if for cleaning hen eggs, you can choose dry clean, that means you do not need water. Egg washing machine is an ideal cleaning machine for egg factory and egg farm.

Stainless Steel Egg Washing Machine Working Principle
The delivery system convey the eggs into the disinfection part, brushes and disinfectants in the disinfection part clean and disinfect eggs shell automatically and efficiently.

duck eggs

Tips for Washing Eggs

We all know that egg soiled with bird dung is a cause of salmonellosis. Proper washing and sanitation reduces the risk of eggs spoiling, and also food poisoning. Dirty eggs should be washed in water that is at least 11°C warmer than the eggs. A good water temperature is 32.2-49°C, or as hot as the hands can tolerate for about 30 seconds so that the egg will expand and “push” out any invading microbes.

Egg Washing Machine Technical Parameters

Model Frequency Voltage Power





220V 250W




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