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Pizza Oven Brief Introduction
ALC series good quality pizza oven has two type: the traditional box type and the conveyor type. The traditional box type model DPM only can use electric. The conveyor type both has electric type and gas type, model CDP is electric type, model CRP is gas type. Our ALC series pizza oven has good quality and cheap price.

oven pizza

Box-type Pizza Oven Structure and Characteristics

1.Box pizza oven adopts ceramic heating plate, the highest temperature can reach 500 °.
2.It uses high temperature resistant special non-stick coating, the outward appearance is very beautiful.
3.Adopts the segmentation control, the control of temperature is very precise.
4.Pizza furnace bottom is made of special materials which is heated evenly.
5.And built-in temperature probe guarantees the furnace temperature and setted temperature consistent.

pizza and oven
Conveyor -type Pizza Oven Structure and Characteristics

▷The machine adopts full stainless steel material, the temperature can reach 500 ° too.
▷Compared with the box pizza oven, the characteristics of conveyor one is faster.
▷Unique design of strong blast circulation system, combined with level and vertical air supply, so as to achieve the uniformity of temperature.
▷Uses the high quality far infrared heating radiation element, can make the baking content heated evenly in and outside and time quickly.
▷Equipped with automatic constant temperature, time-outage, over-temperature alarm devices, easy operation.
▷The temperature and conveyor speed can be adjusted according to the food baking requirements


We Recommand Homemade Pizza Recipe

Firstly, make the leaven dough. Recommend materials: one egg, yeast, sugar, flour, butter (can be instead of by Margarine). Mix the materials completely, knead into dough and coat the dough ball with a thin layer of olive oil.
Secondly, make pizza embryo. Cover tinfoil paper on the baking tray, spread a thin layer corn starch ( can be instead of by flour), and put the pizza embryo on it.
Thirdly, make pizza sauce. Cover the pizza embryo with sauce, then spread a layer cheese and pepperoni (means sausage piece), and some broken green pepper. Also can use fillings that oneself like, for instance, green pepper ham mushroom, etc.
Then, bake the Pizza. Preheat your oven up-to the temperature of 450°F for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, place a prepped pizza in the oven at the center and bake about 10 to15 minutes at that temperature.
When the cheese is melted and the edge is golden brown, and the bottom should be evenly brown, pizza is ready.
P.S The baking time has relationship with the size of pizza, often check is better, don’t bake too long. 10 to 15 minutes is just a reference.

Technical Parameters of Pizza Oven


Power Dimension Voltage Capacity







900*1050*430mm 3N-380V 1layer


900*750*740mm 3N-380V 2layers


900*1050*740mm 3N-380V 2layers




1N-220V/3N-380V conveyor
CDP140 14Kw


3N-380V conveyor
CDP230 23Kw


3N-380V conveyor
CRP006 0.06Kw


1N-220V conveyor

You Know Pizza?
Pizza is one of the most popular dishes around the world, which is an oven-baked, flat, round bread typically topped with tomato sauce, cheese and various other ingredients toppings. Toppings are also added depending on the region, culture or personal preference.

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